• Establishing interaction between colleagues, partners and customers by the instruments familiar for them;
  • Building up expert communities with the assistance of external experts and facilitation of their work;
  • Establishing interaction with present and potential customers and their support;
  • Developing co-operation coherence between staff members and social transmission of valuable targets and tasks from the headquarters to the staff;
  • Organization knowledge base building by using case approach and accumulation of information from various sources.


Is the communicative and informational platform that raises flexibility and conformity of the organization, speeds up business processes and motivate the staff.

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Special aspects


The platform is supplied with the initial code so that every user can widen and improve it.

Infrastructural function

The platform is designed as the object that creates an infrastructure.

Advanced Search

The platform offers wide options for structuring, filtration and searching the information by means of keywords, tags and categories.

Integration adaptors

The platform contains intermediates for connection of a range of popular program instruments CMS, LMS and Wiki as applications.


The platform offers wide set of instruments for accumulation and structuring of the users information, from configurable profiles with adjustable visibility for each of area to collection of data about users activity on the platform.


Each of the communicative platform installations can interact with other ones giving an opportunity to create your own distributional space with flexible access settings.