Groups is the main instrument to organize teamwork that allows specify communication context, determine quantity of participants and instrument which they may need during the communication and interaction. Groups can be public, private or concealed.

Gamification instruments

Gamification allows determining platform development and operation thrust by means of creating a range of measures and motivations (for instance, measures and motivations for activity, reputation etc.) reflecting various aspects of users interaction inside it.

Users’ profiles

Profiles allow structure the platform users by wide range of criteria: area of expertise and interests, geography, work area and education.

Information traffic

Message board with opportunity of threaded comments, that allow organize discussions, control them and evaluate the participants.


Private messages allow straight interaction with the platform users.

Private messages

Materials allow structured storage with access control to different documents and external references.


Blogs allow the user share the information in structured form. Blogs are used for publishing articles, news, private diaries. Articles in blogs can be evaluated and commented.


Microblog is the short version of blog for quick update and remarks.

Tags and headings

Tags and headings allow structure any platform objects both by means of extending the list of key words and theme headings determined by the administrators.

Social integration instruments

These instruments allow both quick spread of information inside the communicative platform (among the users, in groups and in the information traffics) and transmit it into the popular social nets.

Generic search

End-to-end multi-criteria search inside the platform and its applications allow search of any type of objects. Any object inside the platform can be found.

Alerts and notifications

System of alerts and notifications allow adjust users informing about various kinds of events by means of e-mail, telephone and social nets.


Comments allow getting feedback about any system object, and to attach the files in case of need.


Ratings allow building up voting for any type of object, effective controlling of the platform content taking into account users’ opinion.

Mobile platform

Communicative platform is optimized for different kinds of sensor gadgets.

Social graph

Possibility to create different types of connection between people (for instance, relationship “colleagues”) that influence on visibility of information in the users’ profiles and allow transmitting updates to the users’ subscribers.

Authorization provider and SSO

This module allows both authorization on the platform by means of popular instruments and social nets and use the platform for authorization in other systems.


All the information traffic can be received as RSS stream. This allows control information on the platform with the help of common instruments.

Administration and moderation

Administrators and moderators of the platform are able to pre- and post- moderate content. Platform users can complain to the administrator and moderator on any content inside the platform that seams improper.

Roles and contexts

Roles and contexts system allow build up necessary platform users and administrators configuration and control their possibilities and information they receive.

Static content

This module allows create pages with fixed content inside the platform.

Control desk

Control desk allows the administrator get the information about all the objects inside the platform and control them.


Themes allow change and adjust layout of both platform itself and its separate elements.


External interfaces system allow expand operability of communication platform by means of its integration with external instruments.