Gridology — a smart energetics expert platform


  • Absence of one whole informational and communicative platform that would be able to unite diversified users (experts from one side and students from the other side) and to facilitate them to solve smart energetics tasks;
  • Absence of instruments for creating a candidates pool.


  • Informational and communicative platforms as a general point of interaction;
  • Knowledge base on the semantic wick platform;
  • Work group associations with instruments for publishing and discussions of the content;
  • Topical selections of news;
  • Automatic news and material transmission at topical promo web sites;
  • Bilateral integration with social nets;
  • Advanced search and structured information.


  • We have created a platform on the basis of which we started to build up an association;
  • A primary selection of participants and projects has been effected with the help of facilitating activities i.e. competition;
  • We have created a database of smart energetics knowledge of essential problems and technologies;
  • The most active participants are involved into work group practice;
  • Advanced search and structured information.